Waihi Creative Arts Trail

Posted by WACMA on 24/09/2015

When:  Labour Weekend 24th, 25th, 26th October 2015

Creative Arts Trail

The trail will cover Waikino, Waihi town, Waihi Beach and Athenree.

The trail map will be available at a few sites which are open all weekend i.e. Kava Cafe and Bar, Waihi i-site, Art Waikino, , Waihi Beach Hammer Hardware, Beach Info caravan, Curtis Growers Athenree.

At the moment there are 17 arty destinations to visit. These include Art Waikino, sculpture at the Bistro at the Falls, Waihi Waterlily Gardens sculpture and music, Museum Gallery will have embroidery, weaving, paintings, Waihi Art Club in their Moresby Ave rooms, will have paintings and on-site demos. Also:

  • Printmaking and antique printing presses with Johnny Mulvay.
  • Curtis Growers will host on-site pottery making and firing for people to have a go.
  • There will be several artists who paint in acrylics along the Beach area.
  • Cafes along the way will get a mention particularly those which support artists by showing their work. There are 10 cafes mentioned.

Entry to all but Art Waikino, is free. Gold coin at Art Waikino. Eft Pos will not be available in most of the private situations, so cash needs to be taken.

WACMA is sponsoring the trail advertising. Some sites e.g. WACMA Gallery won’t be open 10am – 4pm. The plan is to have the trail map available mid-October, when it will be distributed.

Further info give me an email bhdaly@clear.net.nz


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