Saving an important relic from the past

Posted by WACMA on 01/09/2014

Efforts are underway to restore this original classroom to its former condition, so it can again be used as a classroom.

WACMA Prefab Restoration

This wooden building that sits on the back lawn of the Museum precinct, dates from 1923.  It is thought to be the last of it's type, an extensible, prefabricated classroom that came into use in schools around the country approximately 5 years after the end of WW1.

Over the ensuing 90 years it has been used as a classroom, art room and Playcentre, and is currently home to the Waihi Spinners and Weavers group. Although not currently listed with the Historic Places Trust,they are keen to see it restored to a usable condition.  Funding in the region of $250,000 will need to be found to see this project through.

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