Digitisation of the WACMA Map Collection

Posted by WACMA on 13/08/2014

The collection of maps which are largely to do with early Martha Mine underground mining, have been stored off-site for several years. Finally they are being brought out and photographed prior to digitising.

From a supplied list we thought there was about 120, but it proved to be a lot more than that, as some rolled maps had others rolled inside them. Our team of volunteers had to decide which ones to process this time around, as we had funds from the JS Say Trust which allowed us to do a certain number.

A specialist contractor Andrew Pettengell, from Auckland, set up a humidity tent to ‘relax’ the maps prior to them being photographed, and then they were wrapped in Tyvek fabric to go back into storage. Three maps that have been on display for many years in the Museum rooms, were also taken down and photographed. The copies will be put back on the wall and the originals will go into storage. Eventually we hope some maps will be available to view on-line and copies will be able to be purchased.

Above: An interesting map of the North Island.

Above: Map showing different levels of the old Martha Mine workings.

Above: The set-up in the Gallery used for photographing the maps.


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