WACMA 50th Jubilee - 2012

50 Year Celebrations - Waihi Arts Centre and Museum

Fifty years ago, Waihi Arts Centre and Museum Association came into being. During 1962 efforts were made to gain the use of the then empty Technical School in Kenny Street, and when this was achieved the supporters set about gathering items and information from the locals, and setting up a Museum and Gallery (see more in "How it all began").

The first exhibition was one of shells from the Pacific region.

That was followed by an exhibition of photographs from the museum archives coupled with photos taken by Eric Lee-Johnson recording those same sites 50 years on. This was a huge success and coincided with the Diamond Jubilee of the Ohinemuri County (1902 -62). It was reported that “there were traffic jams in Kenny Street” when this display was on.

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