Research Facility

The Waihi Arts Centre and Museum has a Research Facility with access to a wide range of family history, mining company and archival records.

A research fee of $30.00 is charged and all resources available are searched by our team of volunteers.

I'd like to request some historical information. What do I do?

Please download our request form:

Download an Application for Information (Research Request) Form

When filling out the form:

  • Keep queries short and to the point.
  • Include what is known (e.g. dates, localities and organizations). This narrows our search as the resources are not indexed.
  • Please include your contact details.

Note: Personal research is not available due to lack of facilities and lack of indexing.

New to Family History?

Two useful “how to, where to” books are: Tracing Family History in New Zealand and Tracing Family History Overseas from New Zealand, both by Anne Bromell.

When you are doing your own research, be aware that information on documents may only be as reliable as the person who provided the information. Take care to verify all information. A good rule when verifying is to find at least two sources of original documentation.

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