Books & documents

The following information relates to books and documents held by the Waihi Arts Centre and Museum (WACMA).


Perspectives of a Strike - Waihi 1912 by Mary Carmine. Indexed.*

Pukewa by Don Lockwood. Not Indexed.*

Gold Mining at Waihi: 1878-1952 by J B McAra (1978). Indexed.*

The Patchwork Quilt by L P Wheeler. Not Indexed.

The Red and The Gold: (An Informal account of the 1912 Waihi Strike) by Stanley Roche. Not indexed.

The Tragic Story of the Waihi Strike: by H E Holland 'Ballot Box' and R S Ross. (1913). Not indexed.

Tales of Old Waihi by Percy Allison (1987). Not Indexed.

Gold Mines of the Hauraki District: by J F Downey.

A History of Gold Mining in New Zealand by J H M Salmon (1963). Indexed.

Waihi Borough Council Diamond Jubilee 1902-1962 (1962). Not Indexed.

No Easy Riches: A History of Ohinemuri County-Paeroa & Waihi 1885-1985 by Laurie Barber (1985).

* See our collection of history books available for purchase.


Waihi Gold Mining Co (WGMC)
Wage and Time books, hard copy and microfilm. Commencing 1896. Broken run. Remainder (hard copy) lodged Auckland Memorial Museum Library and not indexed.

WACMA indexing project for WGMC records underway in conjunction with the New Zealand Society of Genealogists. (NZSG) The records are of miners employed by WGMC (Martha Mine) and do not include management. WACMA does not hold mining records for other companies. Check Archives NZ Archway if mine name known.

Mine Management
Management name index has been compiled from many sources but no actual records available. Check the online archives NZ archway for manager and mine company records.

Waihi South School records
1909- 1945

Waihi High School records
Broken run. Records pre 1931 destroyed by fire.

Some clubs and organizations
e.g. sport and fire brigade.

Several thousand on PastPerfect database. Collection includes historical Waihi and districts mining photos. Waihi Beach, bands, sport groups.

Stored off site.

1912 Waihi Miners Strike
WACMA is compiling lists of people connected to the Waihi Miners Strike of 1912.

Historical Waihi Newspapers

The Waihi Art Centre and Museum hold historical Waihi newspapers. The collection consists of hard copy and film and is not complete. Papers between 1904 and 1909 are online at PapersPast.

There are no Waihi newspapers anywhere in New Zealand between 1909 and 1918. There are also other smaller gaps. Thames (The Thames Star and Thames Advertiser), Paeroa (Ohinemuri Gazette), and Auckland Star newspapers fill some of these gaps and are online at paperspast.

Download our Microfilm and Newspaper List

Ohinemuri Journal

The museum has a complete hard copy set with index of the Ohinemuri Journal. These journals are also online at

Other Histories

Family Histories: A small collection available. WACMA welcomes additions to this collection.

Local Histories: WACMA welcomes additions to this collection.

Auckland and NZ Wises Directories: Broken run. 1869-1952

WACMA Biographical Database: Ohinemuri Goldfields & Waihi Part 1: 1875 - 1920

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