Years 4 - 8:
Working in a goldmine:
A Historical Perspective

The programme is estimated to take 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the age group, and the expected content coverage.

Education: Years 4-8

Learning objectives

Social sciences

  • Students will understand the relationships that exist between people and the environment.
  • Students will learn about past events, experiences, and actions and the changing ways in which these have been interpreted over time.

Technology: Nature of technology

  • Students will  critique and evaluate the impact of technology on communities and the environment, and will explore  how developments and outcomes are valued by different peoples in different times.


  • Students will explore , describe… everyday examples of physical phenomenon , such as energy before electricity, forces and motion.

Key social inquiry focuses and links

  • How did it all begin?
  • What was life like for the miners at that period of time?
  • What was it like working in a mine?
  • What tools helped the miners in their work?
  • How did the technology change over the period of time?
  • What changes did they make when faced with environmental issues?
  • What energy sources were available and how did these change over the period of time?


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