School Programmes Overview

The Waihi Arts Centre and Museum offer tours for schools and special interest groups. The education officer provides programmes which are linked to The New Zealand  Curriculum.

The three different programmes cater for students in years 1-4, 4 to 8, and 9 to 13. Programmes focus on the experiences and events that were common for miners and mining between 1878, when gold was first discovered in the region, and 1952, when the Martha mine was closed.

The programmes are aligned to The New Zealand Curriculum through the social sciences, science  and technology learning areas, and have online resources which can be utilised by teachers and students when back in their schools. All programmes are delivered by volunteers who will navigate the students through experiences and activities in the museum.

Planning and Booking your visit

When booking, teachers can discuss individualised requirements within the programmes offered. The resources to each programme have been developed to support teachers when integrating  key ideas into their planning, and to provide resources which expand further learning. Pictures on the Resources for Students and Teachers page can be downloaded as a basis for discussion and/or further social  inquiry.

We have a specific school visit booking form.

The site can accommodate up to two classes in the museum teaching area, and in the gallery. Because these areas are among the displays, we ask that visitors respect our special place.


We charge a small cost for children and adults of $3.00 each. This is to cover running costs at the Waihi Arts centre and Museum.

Planning Other Activities?

If you are planning other activities to do in and around Waihi, take a look at this great online resource - 'one-stop-shop' website aimed at busy teachers:

Location and Parking

Because we are situated on a corner we recommend that buses park fifty metres on either side of the museum rather in front of the museum.  Off street parking where private cars and smaller vans can park is available to the east side of the museum on the grass, and also a small car park on the Western side of the museum. Ramp access is provided in the front and back of the building, and wheelchair accessible toilets.

See Google Map: Waihi Arts Centre and Museum.

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